Do you have questions? Unsure which path to take or what your next best steps are to get where you want to go? Curious about what hidden blocks you may have?

Tarot is really amazing at showing you what needs to change in order for what you want to happen in your life to actually manifest. It's a very useful tool for gaining perspective and highlighting things you might not be fully aware of, both conscious and subconscious, that are affecting your situation, as well as making you aware of any outside influences upon it. Many people discover things they didn't know at all, and others are made aware that things they might not have thought were important actually are.

I often combine Tarot with Lenormand and Oracle cards as well for clarity and additional messages from Spirit.

Email me to schedule your appointment then after we get it confirmed I'll email you an invoice via PayPal. I appreciate payment at least 24 hours before your appointment, and I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Or you can choose to purchase and schedule readings through my Etsy Shop where I offer email readings pertaining to specific areas of interest as well as phone/video readings.

30 minutes for $40

60 minutes for $70

Disclaimer: You must be over 18. Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only. I can't provide you with legal, financial or medical advice (including anything pregnancy related), please seek the advice of an appropriate professional.
I am an intuitive empath and card reader, not a psychic or clairvoyant so please do not ask for exact descriptions, names, or even first letters of a name as I cannot give you that information. I am not a medium so I do not read about the deceased, spirits nor your spirit guides though I can read the cards for a message from them.
Personal Ethics:*Everything we discuss is in confidence and remains so. I will never divulge personal information given in pursuit of a reading.*I do not read in any manner that removes your personal power, your readings are meant to empower you and give you a new perspective and help you make decisions as you move forward in your life.*I only read for the person requesting a reading, any requests to read for a 3rd party's thoughts or actions will be redirected back to you.*I don’t base my work around the work of other readers, so please don’t ask me to confirm information another reader has given you.*I reserve the right to refuse my services as a card reader at any time. In these instances a full refund will be issued.