Fortune Telling

Do you have questions? Unsure which path to take or what your next best steps are to get where you want to go? Curious about what hidden blocks you may have?

I am very straight forward, non-judgmental and honest, and I get to the heart of the matter with compassion and empathy. I am a Card Slinger, a Fortune Teller, one who divines with cards. You have questions and I'll give you the answers. Not watered down "I think", "I feel", but solid answers. I don't use a lot of esoteric mumbo jumbo or spin fairy tales, I tell you what is: the good, the bad, the shiny and the ugly, so I'm definitely not everybody's cup of tea. If I wanted to spin fictional stories, I'd write novels for a living. While I do believe we have a Life Plan and Destiny, I also believe we retain Free Will, so if necessary, we'll sling more cards on the table to see what action steps you need to take to get the results you really want in response to those answers. I feel this work is my sacred calling and I genuinely care about my clients.

I can use Tarot or Lenormand (your choice) and then I'll sling an Oracle card or two for additional messages from Spirit, all done in a very comfortable manner as we talk and I offer the insights and wisdom gained through living a very eclectic and interesting life, but in a straightforward way.

I offer my readings via video chat or phone. If you've never done a video chat before, it's very easy and it's very similar to being in person, so it allows you to sit across the table from me from wherever you're located and is my favorite way to do distance readings because we can see each other and talk to each other from our homes just as if we were in the same room. I'll even walk you through it via phone until we're connected if this is your first time because I truly believe you'll enjoy it!

You can use the button below then call me at (603) 707-4635, email me to schedule your appointment using the contact form, or email me first to schedule it then you can pay me via I can also send you an invoice if you prefer. Video readings can be done via Facetime, Skype or Google Hangouts. I look forward to working with you.

30 minutes: $40

60 minutes: $70

I also offer email readings. Just click on the "Buy Now" button and then email me at . One situation with up to three questions related to it per email reading please, and I charge a flat rate of $30.00.

Disclaimer: You must be over 18. Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only. I can't provide you with legal, financial or medical advice (including anything pregnancy related), please seek the advice of an appropriate professional.
I am an intuitive empath and card reader, not a psychic or clairvoyant so please do not ask for exact descriptions, names, or even first letters of a name as I cannot give you that information. I am not a medium so I do not read about the deceased, spirits nor your spirit guides though I can read the cards for a message from them.
Personal Ethics:*Everything we discuss is in confidence and remains so. I will never divulge personal information given in pursuit of a reading.*I do not read in any manner that removes your personal power, your readings are meant to empower you and give you a new perspective and help you make decisions as you move forward in your life.*I only read for the person requesting a reading, any requests to read for a 3rd party's thoughts or actions will be redirected back to you.*I don’t base my work around the work of other readers, so please don’t ask me to confirm information another reader has given you.*I reserve the right to refuse my services as a card reader at any time. In these instances a full refund will be issued.